Bewah and Taat Cave

These caves are believed to have once been the abode of primitive men. The belief stemmed from the findings of an ancient human skeleton and a primitive stone hatchet. Archaeologists have uncovered artefacts such as kitchen utensils, axes and tools dating back to the Stone Age.

How To Get There

From Kuantan, Dungun or Bukit Besi, drive towards Ajil. From there, signboards point to Kuala Berang, which is about 10km from Ajil. Drive 35km from Kuala Berang and you will reach Tasik Kenyir.

Where To Stay
  • Chalet Perhilitan
  • Kenyir Sanctuary Resort
  • Sekayu Rest House
  • Kenyir Lake View Resort
  • Kuala Berang Resthouse
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i'm sorry i didn't check the reply afterward. i think you know what will happen once you at home, eventually. *LOL*

I've never know about this place even i'm a terengganu-ians. ha!

lets be friends. i like your blog and the efforts you've put in. i will visit frequently soon!

Hey dArLyN, thanks for visit my blog and thanks because you like it.

The treasures of nature, tradition and heritage awaits to explore in Terengganu.

Glad to explore every single districts of Terengganu. Perhaps, 40% at the moment. Another 60% not sure when since quite busy nowadays and work hard to get an easy living. LoL. Cheers

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