Visit Terengganu Year 2008

Travel along the Terengganu coast and you will surely be awed by its impressive 244km long stretches of sandy coastline, traditional Malay coastal villages, domestic animals wandering in the fields and picturesque sunrises coming below the horizon. With swaying coconut and casuarinas trees lining the white sandy beaches, amidst the gentle breeze of the calm sea are just picture perfect.

Beyond Terengganu’s impressive coastline lie some of the most popular island destinations in Malaysia. Dotting the seas are spectacular emerald islands of powdery white sands, azure waters, naturally formed coral gardens and spectacular marine lives. Inland lies lush tropical rainforests, dazzling waterfalls, flora and faunas of exotic species and other natural wonders. Arriving by plane, you will pass the tropical rainforests and circle out across the ocean before descending across the foaming surf and beaches to the airport, welcoming you to the beginning of a memorable and magical holiday! The treasures of nature, tradition and heritage awaits to explored!

With so much of nature wonder to explore, so many traditional experiences to enjoy combined with its unique heritage to uncover, with the warm and friendly people everywhere, make sure you spend plenty of time in Terengganu because you’ll never forget your time in this blessed and amazing state. So many development is being planned by the present government.

New 4-lane highway connecting all major towns, the upgraded airport, Crystal Mosque, new international class indoor and outdoor stadiums, the international yacht facilities specially built for the annual Monsoon Cup event and also the world class Endurance Cup horse riding facilities will further enhance the state’s image of a developing and vibrant state. With 2008 has been declared ‘Visit Terengganu Year’, spectacular events and activities are being planned to give honoured guests the time of their lives.