Bukit Besi Dungun Terengganu Malaysia

Bukit Besi is a former iron mining town which was closed in the early 1970's. The site where an old iron mine used to be was filled up with ground water to form the huge Lake Puteri. Bukit Besi which is situated in the district of Dungun was once an important and famous iron mining place in Terengganu. The history of iron mining in Terengganu is one of the largest iron-mine in the world.

Bukit Besi Iron Ore

The mining industry was handled by Nippon Mining Company. However, between 1945 till 1947, the mine was taken over by the British and was sold to the Eastern Mining and Metal Comany in 1949.

Bukit Besi Terengganu

From 1960, the production of iron at Bukit Besi began to decline. Thus the Government of Terengganu decided to close the iron mine in the early 1970s. Today Bukit Besi is a tourist attraction which is visitors can still marvel at the remnants of the tunnels, tin plants, and the stockpile buildings, the chimneys of the processing plants, the pool, the manager's residence and parts of the rail tracks. To those looking for souvenirs, some raw, unprocessed iron-ore can still be found scattered on the ground, a stark reminder of one of the biggest iron-ore productions in the world.