Pulau Duyung | Mermaid Island

Pulau Duyung or Mermaid Island are consist of Pulau Duyung Besar (big) and Pulau Duyung Kecil (small). They are actually not really an island instead both are two peninsular that extends from the mainland and river towards the sea. Pulau Duyung Besar is the home of the most famous master boat makers and the oldest traditional boat making in Malaysia and is already an international tourist destination.

Pulau Duyung which is only a few hectares big sits between The Sultan Mahmud Bridge and Kuala Sungai Terengganu (Sungai Terengganu’s river mouth), making it easily accessible by road or river. Historically, the island was discovered and explored by a well known Muslim scholar Wan Abdullah or better known as Tok Syeikh Duyong. The island was renamed Pulau Duyong (Mermaid Island) from Pulau Peria after a pair of mermaids appeared on the island.

Traditional Boat Making
Terengganu's world-famous traditional boat makers in Duyung Island are known to build row boats, deep-sea fishing boats and luxury yachts from memory and experience, and without blueprints and nails! Visitors can stroll from one workshop to another to see the craftsmen at work. The island is easily accessible via the Sultan Mahmud Bridge or a short boat ride from the Kuala Terengganu waterfront.

How to Get There
You can use the Sultan Mahmud bridge and take the Pulau Duyung exit in the middle of the span. From there, ask for directions to the “boat builder’s place” and the place will be just a walking distance away.

By boat
Take a river boat ride from Pasar Payang or at the small jetty that lay just next to Hotel Seri Malaysia in Kampung Cina. The short ride should cost about RM0.70 per person.

By Bus
Catch a mini bus from bus station at Kuala Terengganu that goes across the Sultan Mahmud Bridge to Pulau Duyung (RM0.80). Walk about 10 minutes before turning into the road on the right and then another right onto a small paved road.

Where to Stay

1. Heritage Marina Bay Club & Resort

2. YT Midtown Hotel

3. Motel Desa

4. Kenangan Hotel

5. Hotel Bintang