Turtle Stone | Batu Penyu Rantau Abang Terengganu

batu penyu rantau abang

Batu Penyu Rantau Abang Terengganu

Local villagers believed that the giant leatherback turtles are attracted to Rantau Abang every year because of the presence of a large black stone resembling a turtle in the river.

Nobody knows the reason why do these creatures choose to come back every year. However, the local believe that the turtles are attracted by two giant turtle stones (Batu Penyu) one lies between the bushes on a little hill in the village off the coast and another soaking in seawater.

The mysterious stone on the hill is accessible in a 30 minutes short walk passing through the village. There is sign board along the way or you may get a villager to bring you there. Whereas the other one is covered by sand and water and is not visible any more.

gambar batu penyu rantau abang

How To Get There

By car

From Kuala Lumpur you will be driving on the Karak Highway (Highway 2) all through to Kuantan, which takes approximately 3 - 3½ hours. Once arriving on the outskirts of Kuantan town, it can get a little tricky.

Head towards the Northeast, on highway 3 (the coastal road) which will take you pass Dungun. From Kota Baharu, head South down highway 3 - coastal highway all the way to Chukai.

By air

There are flights Kuala Terengganu by Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia . From the airport, grab a taxi to Kuala Terengganu local bus station and from here, take a local bus to Rantau Abang.

By bus

PLEASE NOTE: the coaches that leave for Kuala Terengganu does not state Rantau Abang on their schedule. So ask to be dropped off at Rantau Abang.

Where To Stay
  • Sri Gate Hotel
  • Sura Hotel
  • Dahima's Guest House
  • Sri Dungun Hotel
  • Merantau Inn

Source Terengganu Tourism and image from MPD Dungun.