Who is Menteri Besar Terengganu?

Rumours and speculations on who will be the next menteri besar are rife and has even reached the farthest village in Terengganu, and the mongering at coffee shops indicate concern.

"As far as I can remember there was never such uncertainty before in Terengganu.

"We will normally know who the menteri besar is one day after the general election," said Ramli Yunus, of Kampung Pasir Raja in Hulu Dungun.

Politicians in the states are not talking for fear of backlash and of being labelled supporters of certain factions.

"It is best to keep silent and let the negotiations come to an amicable end as this will serve the best interest of the state, the people and politics," said an observer who has been closely monitoring the developments.

"It is a crisis confined to the Umno circle, but it is not one that cannot be solved. I believe there will be a compromise in the next couple of days and we will have a menteri besar soon," he added.

New Strait Times Source