Bukit Besi Organisation Website

It is quite long time I never update my blog. I apologize, especially to my friends and to those who always support me as well as to all friends at Bukit Besi. Thanks guys, who I am sure must be disappointed because I didn't update my blog recently. Sorry guys.

Huh...exam ended. I am finished my study at last and now I am on my way to convocation day that will be on this november. But it was not as great as I expected. I mean, everyone during exam is just dreaming and dreaming of the end of exam. How fun it would be, how carefree. Hehehe...but the euphoria is not as great as I want it to be though. Hehehe...but still, better than exam time of course.
Well..today I will tell you guys about the Bukit Besi Organisation Website. It is new forum that suitable for all people around of the galaxy, sounds like great ya? especially to those who lives in Bukit Besi. For futher details you can go to http://www.bukitbesi.org.my. I am sure this site is the right place for us to meet on the net. Enjoy.

Update: Forum Bukit Besi moved to Bukit Besi Facebook Page.