Blogger Award

I received this beautiful award from my favorite blogger A bIg tiMe aNgEL and a vErY nErDy boOkWoRm at her blog I am dArLyN! This humbles and delights me for so many reasons.
I’m not really much of a blogger. I admit it. No, that’s not a self-effacing comment, it really is true. I don’t pay attention to optimizing my posts, my titles or my subtitles. I don’t even write daily, furthermore, I had copy from other sites and add them in my blog and there are many, many people out there who write far better than I do. I am not a professional blogger. I can take it. It’s the truth. It is even more gratifying when I get a blog award from someone who enjoys my blog, perhaps, what I write (some of them). It is completely humbling to receive an award from someone that I admire so much. Wish you always happy with your fiancée, family, friends and your loved ones.
So, A Big Time Angel, thank you so much for the award. Thanks dArLyn. It means a great deal to me to even be read by you let alone considered a Beautiful Blogger! I’m incredibly pleased and humbled. You are, to me, one of the most beautiful people I know. So, again, thank you.
Now, as for who to pass this award on to? That’s going to take some time and thought. There are so many beautiful bloggers out there to choose from!